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A story about Among Us from Amanda!

A story about Among Us from Amanda!

I was at Mira's headquarters and everyone had left. The reactor was out of order. No one was working because the door was on Fritz and there were only three left, Brown, Pink and me. We ran in a small circle in the dark, spinning each other in a small orbit of panic, waiting to see who would make the final move ...

Have you ever played with us? You have many. Many of you are sitting in a dark room, socially distant, bored, frustrated, and angry on a lazy afternoon. It is a seemingly complex and easy game. There are 10 players dressed as astronauts. A little colorful sausage with a funny hat and a little pet. Everyone is running around the map, desperately trying to complete a large amount of makeup work. They're emptying the trash, adjusting the motor, destroying the asteroid (almost certainly dead in my experience), and fixing the wiring. And sometimes one, two, or three of his fellow space sausages are secretly aliens. A con man who lives only for murder.

There was a scammer left. Two crew members. At 3 in the morning my time and I should have slept but instead I was waiting staring at the screen as the Klaxons rang and the hazard lights flashed ...

It's not in this format, but you've probably heard of this game before. The sport, the fundamentals of the sport, its spine and its form, has been around since 1986. Called the mob (or werewolf, depending on actual taste), it was a festive game invented by Dmitry Davidoff, a psychology student at State University. from Moscow. As a way to play with the many high school students he was teaching. You take a lot of players and ask them to draw cards. Most of them will be peaceful inhabitants, but some will be members of the mafia who can secretly kill other players every night. At night, everyone bows as the mob decides who to kill. In the sunlight, most people raise their heads to argue about who they think the killer is. If they correctly identify the mafia, the townspeople win. The mob wins when they finally kill everyone else.

Deduction game, psychology game. Read the space, ask questions, accuse and see how each player reacts. Only the majority of player votes can prosecute the killer, and most of these votes are wrong, at least initially. We have the latest variant released by an independent store called Inner Sloth in 2018, but we don't have any marketing talents, but we are determined to shape this game.

... 20 seconds left. Then 15. Someone needed to do something right away ...

The mechanics are subtle: you play, you do your job, and you try not to die. You stalk a player you think is a suspect and try to stay in the group. If you are a scammer, you are trying to appear innocent until the moment you realize that you are alone with another player. Then you stab and run away. Scammers can use the vents on the map to jump from one section to another. They disrupt important ship systems, seal doors, turn off lights, and cut off oxygen. As the game continues, these sabotages accumulate. During a good match, everything starts to go wrong and therefore the body is everywhere. Therefore, players can only talk to each other during an emergency meeting. I mean, this is the only time you're ready to point the finger and accuse someone of being a scammer. Text chat is not a great way to deal with psychological niceties. But that's all there is to a small sausage. And even within the limited framework of chat, there are tricks, tricks, and skewed ways of working.

Most players don't do much, but they blame and yell "Sus!" Over and over (i.e. suspicious), or say the version of "No way, buddy! Lots of blue was !!". It's okay. Sometimes it works. Great people try to use math: have you seen who, when, and who hasn't been seen long enough to try to murder? Interpret good things. They overwhelm detailed chats with brands that exaggerate the big picture, behave stupidly, and form alliances with the big picture players.

Not me, unexploded ordnance. The blue white of the engine underneath I look red. It was for two seconds and then it was reunited. Self-report???

If you are a member of the crew, you will win by identifying all the scammers and removing the locks before realizing that various sabotages and assassins are killing each other. If you are one of the scammers, you win when everyone else dies. Voting is often cruel, capricious, and thoughtful. Is selected incomplete data with admitted defects. It takes an angle on the internet age, where people quickly determine the reality they need to believe in and strongly support it. He may not always be good at sports, but lately it seems ... appropriate.

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