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We've remade the website and added few useful tools, what's different?

We've remade the website and added few useful tools, what's different?

We've been working on a new update for our website, and we're happy to announce that it's finally out! Let's make a summary of what have changed in this update, and what it means for you!

Our design

First thing that you've probably already noticed is that we have a completely brand new design, we've group the design a little too, so it should be more consistent now! We went from one-page site to more 'complex' multi-page site and you can judge the result yourself!



As you can see we've also changed the color scheme, meaning the colors arent as 'random' as they were before, and they're more consistent.

Name re-branding

You can probably also see that the header isn't holding the 'AMONGUSAVATARCREATOR' text anymore. It's due to the fact that we've decided to re-brand our site and make the name more friendly and visually appealing.


You can now create your own account on our website, wow! While creating an account may seem not necessary it gives you way more options than you think. You can suddenly create, share and more with this account, as well as join giveaways.

The brand new pages

As we mentioned above, we aren't a single-page site anymore. We've added more pages, re-designed some and now we'll look what the new pages can do.


Gallery is a place where you can like, download and share creations from the hands of other users using our website. You can also post your creations there by creating an account.

Is it down?

Is it down is a place where you can report issues with your game. That means other users will know they're not alone, and the creators of the game can do something about it. This is a place where your account will come in handy too, because you can have double-the-power of votes with your account!


This is the place where you currently are. Our blog brings in new about the game itself, news and updates about our website, polls and most likely the most important (for you) giveaways.

Change of servers

We've changed a servers too! While this might seem not important it really is, you should be able to see speed improvements and not face an 'Not found' or 'Issues with your connection' on the pages you know exist.


Even thought the poll system isn't fully finished yet, it is in work stage. After it's done we'll allow our users to vote about future decisions for giveaways and so on!


Giveaways will be available on our website from time to time from now on. There will be a chance to pick up what we'll give away in polls and much more.

Well and that's pretty much it, we hope you like this update and we're looking forward for the next updates. Please report any issues, glitches, visual glitches and so on, so that we can fix them!

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March 14