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Using KASA mod to play with voice chat

Using KASA mod to play with voice chat

A newly made Among Us mod, Kasa, aims to give Among Us a customized matchmaker and voice chat, that makes hosting specific games easier and smoother than ever.

When using the Kasa mod, users can create lobbies with specific tags, such as Companion or Hide and Seek, in order to make the games they want without having to gather players on Twitter or through Discord groups. Future development for the Kasa mod will reportedly make user-created content more prevalent, and make Among Us even more customizable than it already is.

How to use the Kasa mod for Among Us

The Kasa mod is available on both iOS (here) and android (here) devices and is meant to be a companion app to Among Us. This mod provides a much-needed service to the mobile Among Us community, which often lacks an easy way to integrate group voice chats into their games.

Once the Kasa app has been launched, users can then create an account and begin searching for games. Users can even launch Among Us through the app itself.

Although the mod comes with a quick play option for those more interested in finding classic games, users can easily create their own rooms by clicking the plus-symbol on the top right of their device. This will open up the room settings, where players can give their room a name and choose between hosting a public or private group.

Because this mod primarily functions as a matchmaker, users should try hosting public games as a way to find new players. Once those options are selected, the user can then choose to have the server set up as either a standard game with a basic ruleset, as one of the popular alternative game modes, or with completely custom rules.

Built into the mod are instructions for how to play and organize the Hide and Seek and Companion game modes, but users will still want to talk with other players to make sure everyone understands them.

Finally, it’s worth noting that while the mod will set up the server with specific rules in mind, users can still adjust the server’s rules as needed once in game.

Why use the Kasa mod in Among Us?

The major reason why mobile Among Us players will want to use the Kasa mod is that it greatly simplifies communication in the game. Many Among Us players currently use Discord or other group calling apps in order to give Among Us a voice chat. These services are often difficult or impossible to use when playing with random players in public games.

Likewise, many players are suspicious of those who use private Discord servers in their public games, as there is no way to know for certain whether or not players are cheating by sharing information outside of the game.

The Kasa mod both provides universal voice communication and limits it to just within the game, addressing both problems simultaneously. Mobile players won’t have to awkwardly shuffle between Among Us and Discord, or awkwardly arrange a group voice chat with unknown users. Instead, everyone is automatically added into the voice chat in much the same way as any other multiplayer game.

But the Kasa mod goes one step further by limiting the voice chat within the game as well. Most importantly, players can only use voice chat at specific times, depending on the game mode, and dead players are automatically muted to prevent them from telling others who killed them.

Until Among Us incorporates a similar feature in their own games, the Kasa mod gives mobile players a way to play the game with the same smoothness and simplicity that PC players have grown accustomed to.

Given that the mobile community may make up as much as 90% of all Among Us players, these kinds of services are significant steps in making sure the game is simple and accessible to everyone.

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